Saturday, 28 April 2018

Local Elections: PME Politics + Britain Elects

Hello all... it's been a little while since I have been able to write up a blog post!

Over the last few months I have been incredibly busy finishing up and submitting my PhD - including defending and correcting it. So yes - I've managed to transition from a Mr. to a Dr. since last blogging, and it feels excellent to be able to say that. I've also been working at the Institute for Social Research over in Oslo as a Visiting Researcher since the beginning of March.

With that secondment completed and my PhD finally, finally submitted, I'm returning to the UK for the local elections next month to continue my usual work with (the now Sir) John Curtice and the BBC elections team.

This year I will also be writing two articles for the fantastic Britain Elects. The first one (due May 1st) will give a sense of 'what to look out for' and briefly touch upon some predictions. A second one the day after the election (May 4th, evening time) will go through what happened, pulling out the main narratives and the events which unfolded regarding my 'what to look for' areas and stories.

Britain Elects themselves will be covering the results all night, just as we will at the BBC. With their sources and contacts at the counts, it will be well worth keeping an eye on their Twitter feed over-night and into Friday.

As far as the results flow goes, we should expect things to start moving from around 11pm on Thursday the 3rd. While results will come in overnight which should give us a pretty good indication of how the voting has gone, a large amount of councils won't begin their counts until Friday morning.  The final results won't be known until Friday evening. As ever, I will be tweeting throughout the night and day - do give me a follow at @PME_Politics if you haven't already!