About Patrick English

PME Politics is the professional site of Dr. Patrick English. My interests are chiefly in public opinion, political representation (policy and representatives) and electoral politics. I hold a BA in Politics and Philosophy, and an MA in Politics and Research Methods. I have recently defended a PhD thesis at University of Manchester. I have held visiting positions at Sciences Po, Paris and the Institute for Social Change, Oslo. Currently, I am employed as an Associate Lecturer in Data Analysis at the University of Exeter, where I teach and research methods for social data analytics.

I have a great deal of employment and research experience with coding data, database and personnel management, and the analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. I have a range of experience working on international academic projects, including the LIVEWHAT and Pathways projects. Further, I work free lance as a consultant psephologist, researcher, and coder. I have been employed by the BBC since 2015 to work on election and referendum coverage - including on the exit poll. In December 2017, my work along with that of all of my academic colleagues on the exit poll team was recognised with a Special Recognition Award from the Political Studies Association. 

Positions I currently occupy or have held include: 

- Associate Lecturer in Data Analysis, University of Exeter
- Owner and Director at PME Consulting Ltd.
- Psephologist for the BBC Election Programme
- Visiting Research Fellow at CEVIPOF, Sciences Po
- Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Social Research, Oslo
- Research Fellow with the FP7: LIVEWHAT project
- Research Associate with the ORA: PATHWAYS Project
- Founding member of the Social and Political Inequalities Research Cluster, University of Manchester
- Founding member of the Global Public Opinions Project

Twitter: @PME_Politics