Current Research

My research focuses on the political representation and public opinion of immigrant and minority ethnic communities in Britain and Western Europe. I currently have three major strands of ongoing research. My current primary project investigates the extent to local contexts of public opinion impact the opportunities for minority candidates to successfully gain selection and election to parliament. Secondly, I am carrying out extensive methodoligcal research, specifically regarding time series and longitudunial public opinion estimation, with the aim of publishing a new R package for Interrupted Time Series analysis this year. Thirdly, I am working with an international team of researchers exploring how policymaking regarding the integration of Muslims and Islam in to West-European political and social cultures is impacted by media framing and public opinion on Muslims.
Below is an outline of my current research and publications.

I currently have the following research papers published:

English, P. (2018) “Visibly Restricted: Public Opinion and the Representation of (Visible) Immigrant Communities Across Britain”, Ethnic and Racial Studies, DOI: 10.1080/01419870.2018.1485961

English, P. (2018) “Effectively Nominal: Descriptive Representation of Immigrant Origin and Ethnic Minority Groups in British Politics”, Parliamentary Affairs, DOI: 10.1093/pa/gsy022

Van Hauwaert, S. M. and English, P. (2018) “Public Opinion Toward Immigration and the Role of Immigration: Evidence from Belgium, France and the UK (1990-2015)”, Comparative European Politics. DOI: 10.1057/s41295-018-0130-5

Curtice, J., Fisher, S. D., Ford, R. and English, P. (2018) “Appendix 1: An Analysis of the Results", The British General Election of 2017, London: Palgrave MacMillan: 449-496.

English, P. (2018) “Thermostatic Public Opinion: Why UK Anti-Immigrant Sentiments Rise and Then Fall”, LSE Politics and Policy Blog,

English, P., Grasso, M., Buraczynska, B., Karampampas, S., and Temple, L. (2016) “Convergence on Crisis? Comparing Labour and Conservative Party Framing of the Economic Crisis in Britain, 2008-2014”, Politics and Policy, vol.44, no.3.

Temple, L., Grasso, M., Buraczynska, B., Karampampas, S., and English, P. (2016) “Neoliberal Narrative in Times of Economic Crisis: A Political Claims Analysis of the U.K. Press, 2007-2014”, Politics and Policy, vol.44, no.3.

I currently have the following research forthcoming for publication

English, P. and Sobolewska, M. (forthcoming) "The Descriptive Representation of Immigrant Groups in the United Kingdom: Placing Minority Representation in a Broader Context"

I currently have eight further research papers in various working stages


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